Your Recovery Just Ahead

At Simpson House we offer:

A life Worth Living Thursday at 10.15am  ‘A Life Worth Living’.  has been very successful and we have been pleased to welcome a large number of new members.  This group has grown so much, that we are temporarily not taking new people into the group.  This change does not affect people who have previously attended.

We will keep contact details of anyone new who is interested in attending this group, or similar provision, in the future, and we will update information when this situation changes. 

We also offer Recovery Appointments

Recovery means different things to different people. In their document The Road to Recovery, the Scottish Government provides a definition:

“Recovery is a process through which an individual is enabled to move-on from their problem drug use towards a drug-free life and become an active and contributing member of society.”



"I suppose recovery means different things to different people; it may be about abstinence or about being stabilised, so it is unique to each individual."

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