SMART Recovery Group meets weekly:  Tuesday 12.30-2pm.  

Please note: Last group of 2014 Tues is 23rd Dec, starting again on Tues 6th Jan 2015

Are you on a journey to recovery? Get SMART (Self Management And Recovery Training)

This group is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) techniques, recognising that thoughts, feelings and behaviours are interlinked. SMART uses a series of tools to address thoughts and linked behaviours which in turn will begin to affect change in behaviour and how we feel. 

SMART has been developed specifically to aid recovery from addiction and dependency.

SMART addresses four main areas:

1) Building and maintaining motivation.

2) Coping with urges.

3) Identifying and solving problems.

4) Lifestyle balance.

SMART views recovery as a person's individual responsibility, and addiction as a complex maladaptive behaviour, not as a disease. However, anyone can benefit from SMART, no matter what their understanding of the nature of their addiction/dependency is.

The groups seek to challenge thinking patterns thereby improving a person's overall wellbeing/lifestyle. The groups provide a safe confidential space, to work on issues together with others and learn tools and skills which can be used on a daily basis, a strategy for recovery.

These meetings are open for anyone who is in Recovery from addiction. 

The next SMART Facilitation Experience is now Tuesday 12th May 2015 from 9.30am-11am.  This is for anyone in the process of training to be a facilitator.

Apologies for the change of date, and being later than we had anticipated. Please can you let us know if you are intending to come along.

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"The true value of the meetings is the tools you come away with to help your recovery. These tools have proved invaluable to me. Priceless."

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Group meetings:

Tuesdays 12.30pm till 2.00pm at Simpson House

For more information contact Liz or Paul at Simpson House on 0131 225 6028 or Diane at Crew 2000 on 0131 220 3404.

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