SMART Recovery Group meets weekly:  Tuesday 12.15-2pm. 

Please note there is no SMART meeting on Tues 28th Feb

From April 2017 SMART meetings at Simpson House will meet on Wednesdays at 2.45pm for a 3pm start. The last Tues meeting is 28th March, and the following meeting will be Wed 5th April.  ​

Meetings at Simpson House are open to anyone in Recovery or thinking about it. The start time of the SMART meetings at Simpson House are every Tuesday 12.15-2pm. 

This is a mutual support meeting where, through open and confidential discussion, we help ourselves and each other with recovery from any type of addictive behaviour. We view addictive behaviour as our own responsibility and the result of choices we have made. If we have chosen to maintain an addictive behaviour, it is possible that we can choose to stop it.

As such, we discourage the use of labels such as alcoholic,

alcoholism and addict in our meetings.

We explore the negative thinking and emotions that fuel addictive behaviour. By learning to change how we think about the situations in our life, we learn to feel better and make healthier decisions. We teach self-empowering skills that will help you to:

1. Build and maintain motivation

2. Cope with urges

3. Manage thoughts, feelings and behaviours

4. Live a balanced life

Our meetings consist of

1. Welcome, introduction and check-in

2. Agenda setting

3. Discussion or Work time

4. Check out.

12.15-12.30 will be a pre meeting for getting a cup of tea and socialising.  For newcomers to this group this time will be used for registering for the group.  Registration will involve meeting the facilitators, reading and signing the meeting agreement and providing emergency contact details which will be stored confidentially in Simpson House and used only in accordance with our confidentiality agreement.

It is essential that people coming to the group for the first time arrive at 12.15pm.  For existing participants we would prefer arrival between 12.15 and 12.30. For people arriving after 12.30 there will be no admission to the group on that day.  This is to maintain the safety and confidentiality of the meeting.

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"The true value of the meetings is the tools you come away with to help your recovery. These tools have proved invaluable to me. Priceless."

Download the Mutual Aid Leaflet

Group meetings:

Tuesdays 12.15pm till 2.00pm at Simpson House

For more information contact Liz or Paul at Simpson House on 0131 225 6028Want more information?

 Click here to download SMART leaflet

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