Our service aims is to improve the lives of people affected by drug use within the City of Edinburgh

We provide individual counselling and relationship counselling to people affected by their own drug use. 

Individual counselling - A space for one person to explore their thoughts and feelings about the way their life is affected by their own drug use and any other concerns they may have e.g. anger, loss, relationships, bereavement, self-esteem, past or present emotional, sexual or physical abuse.

Individual Counselling - A space for one person to explore their thoughts and feelings about the way their life is affected by another’s drug use and concerns related to that e.g. relationships, loss, anger, stress, guilt, shame, self-esteem, fear, anxiety, understanding addiction and drugs.

All our counsellors bring knowledge of substance use and addiction to their work and share a client-focused approach which reflects the client's agenda and priorities in counselling. Counselling staff are trained in a variety of counselling approaches.  All have, or are working towards, a recognised qualification in counselling at diploma level or equivalent.  All counsellors providing relationship counselling have undertaken professional training in this specialist area, during or after qualifying. All counsellors receive independent counselling supervision on a regular basis.

For more information on the values of counselling and psychotherapy; ethical principles of counselling and psychotherapy; and personal moral qualities of counsellors and psychotherapists please see the Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy. This will include information for examples on the bounds and limits of confidentiality.


"Before I came to Simpson House I had a barrier that no one got through, I didn't trust people. Now I realise that I am in control of the barrier and who I let through. Coming to counselling was the hardest and scariest thing I have ever done in my life but it is also the best thing I have ever done."

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