What is Recovery?

Here are a few definitions...

“Recovery is a process through which an individual is enabled to move-on from their problem drug use towards a drug-free life and become an active and contributing member of society.” - Scottish Government

"I suppose recovery means different things to different people; it may be about abstinence or it may be being stabilised on methadone so it is unique to each individual."

"As far as therapeutic work is concerned we are dealing with long standing trauma and hopefully a person healing from that, so it is not so present in their present and future, and the need to self medicate is no longer required."

"A person can develop new, healthier coping strategies. People begin to cope with the past and their actions and begin to build a new future. So I guess the toxicity of drugs is gone and the toxicity of whatever unfinished emotional trauma has been within is rendered less harmful."

What are people recovering from?

Physical dependence - self harm - childhood trauma - dependence - chaos - bad relationships - damage to self and others - heartache - hopelessness - not asking for help - guilt - shame - drugs - weakness - disappointment with life - alcohol - depression - abuse - confusion - pride - lust - addiction.

Recovery is...

Individual - what one makes of it - two steps forward, one step back, and all the steps in between - such a drag at times - for the long haul and for the rest of our lives - a managing process - empowering - life changing - different for everyone - no longer ‘abusing’ substances, however may relapse for ‘a period’ - a journey of discovery - something one does, if one wants to.


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Recovery involves:

Good self management

Self caring choices

Finding or rediscovering natural skills

Trying something different

Challenging yourself

Overcoming procrastination

Getting priorities in order

Managing your time

Different for everyone

Giving yourself permission to leave something

Connecting with family

"It's not perfect - it's progress."