What clients are saying about Simpson House Counselling:

"I felt welcomed and not pre-judged."

"It let me express my feelings and also stops me from getting angry and bottling things up."

"I feel able to explore reasons for my drug use in sessions, this isn't something I can think through myself or talk to with other people in my life."

"Over the last couple of years I have stopped shoplifting, stopped taking tablets (painkillers), trying to deal with my anger too."

"I was scared I'd see other drug users but instead it's like a retreat, I feel proud of the work I have done and it has given me more confidence to survive."

"It feels good to have got things off my chest." - 32 year old serving a 14 month sentence.

"This is the first time I've asked for help and have wanted to change." - 41 year old serving a six year sentence.

"Everyone else has got their own problems, you can't burden them with yours." - 36 year old serving a four year sentence

"Counselling has made me think about why I use drugs and why I don't want to use them; it's made me think more deeply about things." - 36 year old serving a four year sentence.

Counselling Leaflets

"I can't talk to anyone else like this." - 26 year old life prisoner already served nine years of a life sentence